The county Council where I grew up has announced a photo-contest. The theme is natur and you can win money. 1st place 1000 NOK. 2nd place 500 NOK. Not a huge amount of money, but still… it’s some. The only rule is that the picture has to be taken within the counties border.

You can send in up to 5 pictures. Due date is 5th of June. The winner will be published in a magazine the County Council gives out. The county Council can use the winner picture to whatever they want in the future though… that’s the only downside, but hey – you win some, you lose some.

So, I’m gonna enter this contest. I don’t have any expectation of winning, but you never know.

Two years ago I entered a photo-contest in a national newspaper, Aftenposten. I didn’t win, but I got one picture in the newspaper and one in their online site :) I cut out the piece in the paper and it’s on my board in the hall. thihi.

I also saw another photo-contest at I wanted to enter, but I was too late. Bah!

I’ll post the pics I will be sending in later when i’ve decided which ones. I have already one in my mind and the rest I think I have to shoot first :) Let’s hope the good weather stays until the weekend comes. I’ll be heading home tomorrow or saturday, so I’ll have sunday to go shoot.

Yay for sunny sundays with camera.

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