Another birthday card :)

This is the latest birthday card I’ve made. I sent it to a friend of min, Hedvig, that turned 30 on the 30th of March. cardhedvig.jpgI was of course a little late sending the card, but hey – at least she got it.

All the stuff I used on this card was bought in   Sweden when I was there during Easter. In Charlottenberg they have this big mall and I went to Panduro (a hobby store). They had some scrapbooking things and I just had to buy some stuff.

I like the card. It’s spring-ish with the green background and the light colors. It suits a birthday at the end of March :)

Next card I’m gonna make is for my friend Bjørg. Her birthday is at the end of this month. I don’t remember the exact day to be honest – I think it’s the 30th actually. I have to look it up later.

I still haven’t bought anything from website I told about ( They have so many things and I don’t know what I want right now. I could use a little bit of everything actually. hehe. The thing is that it is so many different colors that I think I might need to go in one direction color-wise. Maybe earthy colors or pastels… I dunno.

I think I have to go see that store – not online, but the actual store. Not sure when that will be. It’s only open until 17.00 on weekdays except thursdays when they’re open until 19.00. I could go a saturday but I’m busy this saturday and next. I’m busy next thursday too I think.  Oh well… I’m not that desperate. I can wait!

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