new cats and funny names

My sister called my parents yesterday. Dad put her on the speaker so everybody could hear. She and her boyfriend had been thinking. And my sister said there had to be some cats at home. My parents couldn’t have a home without any cats.

So she thought that they should get some new -and not just one, but two. And they should be male and brothers. Then they could play with each other and they wouldn’t fight that much.

My parents sort of agreed that it was a good idea. But they said they had to wait until they had had their summer vacation – which is a good plan.

And while my sister and Geir had been thinking, they had been doodling over names for the cats – funny names. Here are the ones I remember:

– Klabb and Babb
– Snipp and Snapp (the two squirrels from Walt Disney)
– Hokus and Pokus
– Tommy and Tiger’n (as in Calvin and Hobbes)

I’ve been thinking myself on names myself. If they’re going to have matching names / names that are related to each other my ideas are:

– Tor and Odin (from Northern mythology)
– Knoll and Tott (the Katzenjammer kids)
– Smitt og Smule (names of two hands from childrens TV when I was young)

If they were having one male and a female cat, I think these would be fun names:

– Adam and Eva
– Ask and Embla (Northern mythology) 

I will surly come up with other names too, but I can’t think of any right now.

Oh. As a last thing I’ll do regarding Pelle, is to write him an ode – like I’ve done with Kasper and Balder. He deserves an ode too. It will be hard since I’ve already written two and there is only so much to write about when it comes to the cats and words that rhymes.

One response to new cats and funny names

  1. The Biggest Slut Of All

    Friends of mine called their cats Pepsi and Max. Or how about Coca and Cola ;)

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