organized work

I had my annual talk with my boss two weeks ago.  We sit down and go through the last year; what has been bad and what has been good, what can be improved etc. There was a huge survey we had to fill out before the talk. Lots of questions to answer and not every one was easy to answer.

I was very nervous before this talk – as I always am. I do handle critisism well, my boss actually told me that, but I was still afraid – afraid that there would be things to critic.

The meeting went very well. We were on level about a lot of things and she didn’t have that much bad stuff to say. There were a few minor things, but it was things I was aware of. We both agreed on that I should make a daily  / weekly plan over what I’m supposed to do, so I get more structure on my workday. I’ve done that now and things feels better.

Right now I feel like I’m doing my job in a better way. I’m up to date on more things and today I actually did some document scanning which I normally hate.  I’ve set aside 20 mins a day from 12 o’clock just to scan, so I can get rid of that huge pile of paper that isn’t scanned yet. My desk was almost clean when I left the office and I felt good when I left the office.

I really hope this good vibe can stay with me. I usually have some really great days at work, but after a while I tend to fall back into bad habbits again. I really have to focus on keeping what I’ve got! If I can do that, things will be much better.

I’m gonna start tomorrow with telling myself to stay focused and take babysteps towards a better work-day. And then I’m going to reward myself with a piece of chocolate from the goodie-drawer ;)

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