b-day card, creativity and a potensial bonanza

I managed to finsih the b-day card for Linda yesterday. It was so much fun. This card is, if I may say it myself,  pretty :)

b-day card

I also made a card for my uncle. He’s turning 60 someday soon. I have no idea when, because I’m not up to date on those birthdays. The thruth is, I don’t really care ;-p

I have fun when I can use my creativity. And makeing cards is a great way to do so. I could spend hours just making cards. I think, if I wasn’t working in the office I am, I could have a full time job making cards :)  i do already make cards for others than myself. Not much though – so far I’ve made three cards for my mum.

I had a look at bikuben.com today. It’s a online shop for scrapbooking things / things to can use to make b-day cards etc. They have a store at Strømmen too (15 mins by car from Oslo). Oh my! I looked around in that shop and I could easliy go crazy inside there. I found so many things I wanted.  I’m sure I could spend half my salery in there – easily.

I really, really, really want to take a trip to that store and have a look. But I’m afraid if I go there, I’ll be broke in no time. You want a little of this and a little of that and suddenly you got too much!

I did get my salery yesteday, but I’m not sure how things are actually. I need to sit down and do some calculations really. There are so many things I want and I’m not sure where to begin…

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