A gift

My friend Linda turns 29 the 18th. She’s invited me to her birthday on Saturday. She and a friend of her is having a joint birthday party.  I’m looking forward to the party. One thing I in particular is looking forward to, is to give her my birthday gift. It’s not one gift, but three actually.  

First there is a water-jug that she pointed out last time we went shopping together.  

Then there is a small bottle with red whortleberry. You might ask why she’s getting exactly that… Well, she loves whortleberry. And one of her nicknames that I use from time to time is ‘lingongumman’. Lingon = Swedish name for whortleberry and gumman = dear / love / honey.  

The last, but not least is a box with CD’s of Bruce Springsteen. Last time she visited me, we had an hour or two with Bruce mania. She went through all my CDs to check which one she got. She thought she had many CD’s of him, but quickly understood she didn’t have that many after all. So I thought I should burn all the CD’s I got and give it to her. I’m not sure how many CD’s I’ve burnt, but I think it is 12 or something. I’m so looking forward to see her face when she opens that gift.  

The CD’s will be wrapped in a nice white box with a ribbon around it. I will attach a card saying a bit about the gift too; something about Bruce and the concerts we’re going to. 

I need to sit down and write down a list of all the songs on each CD. That’s not a fun job. The CD’s have been ready for quite some time now, but I haven’t done that last bit – I wonder why? :-p We tend to save the worst job to the last, don’t we? 

I also need to make birthday card, but that’s only fun.

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