I found a tree

Yesterday I went home to Lierfoss, my hometown, to see Linda. I rode with my parents. Almost home, dad took a detour, to show me where our old neighbours and my parents’ friends are building a new house.  We slowly drove by the house and then head home.

A little further up that road I see this beautiful tree out in a field. My eyes are automatically  drawn to this beautiful tree and I instantly say out loud: that tree would be cool to photograph. I get lots of ideas up in my head.

We didn’t have time to stop so I could photograph it. It was not the right time of day either. It was too dark and not enough light to get a great picture, so we just drove on. But I know I have to go back to that tree and photograph it. When I came home I made a note on my cellphone, so I wouldn’t forget.  I am going home next weekend, since it’s Linda’s birthday, and then I’m going to take some pictures of the tree.

This is how my mind is built.

I see things and always think about how it would look as a photograph. And that is why I always carry my Canon with me. I hate it when I see something interesting / beautiful and want to capture it and don’t have my camera with me.

I got the camera with my today, but the weather isn’t good today. It’s grey and cloudy, so not any good natural light outside. I wish the sun could come out and play a bit more often. What is it waiting for?

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