Summer polas

I have some more polas to share. These are taken at Lierfoss, where I grew up.

The three last polas are of my newphews. We, my sister and her familiy and I, were at Lierfoss one sunday barbequeing and having a lovely day. It was sunny and very warm. Emil, the oldest newphew, showed me how to ride a bike and more important; how to use the brakes on the bike–he had just learned how to do it. Great memories.

The cat is Samson and he belongs to the family. He lives with my parents, but I call him mine too–even though I don’t live at home. Samson is the sweetest. Photographing him is not the easiest thing to do. If I catch him sitting somewhere and Isit down on my knees to photograph him, he comes towards me imidiately. I don’t know how long I worked to get one decent photo, but it was all worth it.

I have one pack of film left in the fridge. I’m planning to bring that to the Netherlands next week, when I’m visiting my friend Chantal for a week. When that pack of film is used, my whole fridge will be covered in polas. I might need to find a better place to display them.

img022 img026img033 img024 img032 img028 img029

Spring / summer polaroids

Here are some polaroids taken this spring / summer. The three first are from the Botanical Garden (inside and outside). The two next is from a bike trip I had back in May. The two last is from the street where I live. More polas to come soon.

img023 img025 img027 img030 img021 img031 img034

I’m alive–new polas

I am alive. I just haven’t been around here in a long time. Life happened and for a long time I couldn’t find any inspiration for photographing. Now I’m slowly trying to get back into the game. A few weeks ago I bought four new packs with polaroid film from the Impossible Project. One pack is already used and I’ve now scanned the photos to post them here.

Oh I love the looks of the polas. Today it has been very sunny and a good day to photograph. I did use my digital camera as well. I would have to show you those photos another time. I have yet to look at them and process the ones I like.

img009 img016 img013 img014 img019 img018 img017 img020

More polas–winterstyle

Yesterday I bought myself a multifunctional printer from Epson–it’s the Epson XP-750. I needed one so I can scan my polas. Last night I set it up, and it worked just fine. I’m happy that I finally got one, I’ve been thinking about buying one for years.

I scanned the polas I’ve taken, but not shared with you. It ain’t many. Today was a bit disappointing, because I thought I had two frames left, but I had miscalculated–there were no frames left and I don’t have another set of polas. Sigh. I have to buy some more soon! Photographing with my pola cam is quite addictive.

Well, I thought I’d share the few polas I scanned yesterday. Hope you like them.

img002 img004 img006 img001 img003

I love Polas

050114- 182I was very lucky to get a Polaroid One Step Flash camera for Christmas. It has been on my wishlist for a few years, but I didn’t think I would get one. The camera is bought from the Impossible Project.

I have never used a Polaroid camera before, so I was very excited to test it. There is something magical about the whole thing. You click and then the sweetest sound comes from the camera–whirrrr! Seconds later the photo is out, and you quickly hide it in a book or some other dark place.  What do you do next? You wait. Oh the wait. You want so badly to see the result instantly, but you can’t–it takes between 30-45 minutes for the photo to develop.  45 minutes later you peek at the photo and hopefully squeal a bit because you’re satisfied with the photo. It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, because this is a pola, it’s old fashioned  and a few flaws has its charm.

This camera is really simple. You can adjust the exposure and that’s about it. You turn it on, adjust the exposure and click!

With my camera came two package of film. Each package contains 8 frames (the first package I’ve opened actually contained 10 frames!). The film is quite expensive. That makes you think really hard about what you want to shoot–it has to be something really special. You don’t want to waste frames on dull things.

050114- 189dip 050114- 208dip 050114- 169dip

I took two test-shots at home. Without really knowing what to shot–it was dark outside and I desperately wanted to test it, so I shot a book about Springsteen I’m reading at the  moment and a photo of Springsteen from an old calendar.

Today I went out to try find something more interesting to shoot. The weather was lovely right when I stood up, but when I was ready to go the clouds had rolled in from the fjord and it didn’t take long before it started to drizzle–it wasn’t snow (that would’ve been awesome), but rain. Thankfully it didn’t rain too much and got a few lovely shots by the fjord. I love water and the open sea, so I had to shoot by the fjord.

I don’t have a scanner yet, so I had to photograph my polas to show them here. My next purchase has to be a scanner! The colors of the photos are pretty close to the actual polas.

Oh, I just love the polaroid I got. It’s friggen awesome. I had to call my mum twice to tell her how happy I was about the camera dad and she gave me. I’m not sure what to do with the polas yet, but I think I will display some of them on my fridge.

050114- 161dip 050114- 164dip 050114- 151dip 050114- 153dip

So what do you think? Do you love polas as much as I do? What do you think of my first atempts of handling the camera?