2014 New Years (photography) resolutions

120113- 018sLast night I had plans to work on my photobook with photos from 2013. I never got around to do much more than open the programme I use to make the book–I got distracted with other things. When I was ready to go to bed, I promised myself to work on it today. Even though I didn’t get anything done with my book last night, it made me think about what I want to do in 2014 photography-wise. Laying in bed, in complete darkness–with only the light from my cellphone, I started to write down things I want to accomplish this year. The list got longer than I thought it would.

I’m now going to share with you what my resolutions are. Resolutions are not easy to follow up, but if I have them written down, it’s at least a bit easier to keep track of what I want to do.

  • Start and finish a photo project:

I have yet to figure out what kind of project that will be. I know I don’t want to do a long project, like a 365-days project, but more like for instance ‘photograph each day in May’ or something.

  • Shoot more with my analogue cameras.

I want to use my digital cameras a lot this year. For Christmas I got a Holga and a Polaroid. Those I would love to use often. I also own a Ricoh (seen in the photo above). There is film in it, and I started taking photos with it a few years ago, but I never finsihed. So today I took a few photos and I plan to get the roll developed some time next week. I have no idea what’s on the roll, so it will be fun to have it developed. I have no idea if the photos are in focus either, because it has a  manual focus and I’m not so good with that–yet.

  • Shoot more black & white

Black & white photography is awesome, and I would like to imporve my photography skills in that area.

  • Update my shop at Society6.com more often.

I have a shop at Society6, but I rarely update it, so nothing is really happening over there. I need to be more active and promote it better. So far I’ve sold one photo, which isn’t all that great I have to say.

  • Blog more often.

I want to blog more regularly. Blog once a week would be awesome. In order to do so, I need to be more creative and use my camera more often. As I’ve sitten down trying to figure out what photos from 2013 I’m gonna put up in my book, I’ve seen that I haven’t taken as many photos as 2012. Well, maybe I’ve taken the close to the same amount, but I’ve at least used it fewer times. Less food photography and less photos from around Oslo. It has been more travelling photos though (London, Poland, Holland and Sweden)

  • Enter one or more photo contests

I would love the enter some photo contests. Not for anything else than fun and to get some of my photosgraphs out there, to the public.

  • Photograph things inspired by words.

This is now my original idea. It’s has been done before, for instance in the blog ‘words to shoot by’. I love the idea and I want to try it myself. I think I’m going to ask a friend to come up with some words I can use–that would be even more fun for me.

  • Start a photo collaboration with another photographer.

I haven’t really thought this through, but I was thinking about finding, say like 10 words each, and then we’re both gonna photograph something that you assosiate with that word. Then we present the photos side by side on a blog. It can also be something totally different also.

Is there anyone out there who thinks they want to colab with me, contact me.

Hello new camera!

A week ago I got my tax papers back. It was a nervouse moment when I checked my taxes online, would I get money back or not? I had a feeling I would get some back, but had no idea how much. To my big surprise I got a pretty nice chunk of money back. I had promised myself, that if I got enough money back on my taxes I would buy myself a new camera.

For a long time I’ve been drooling over the Canon 7D. It has been high on my wishlist among other things like travelling, photo printer/scanner, a Holga, lots of new scrapping stuff, a bunch of new clothes etc. I debated weather using my money on various of things or on that ONE item. Guess who won? Yep. You’ve guessed right, the Canon 7D! You should’ve seen me in the photo store on friday evening. I walked around in the shop, looking at various cameras and lenses, before I went and got a ‘queue ticket’ (or what it’s called…). Even though I really wanted the camera, it’s still a bit scary using that much amount of money at one time. So I kinda had to man up, before I bought it.

Now that I’ve had the camera for few days, I can’t say I regret it. It’s awesome. It got 18 megapixles, ISO up to 12800, filming in full HD, 19 AF points to mention a few things. I haven’t been able to go on a long photo trip with it yet, but I’ve managed to test it out.

On sunday, it was really sunny outside. I was back home for a day and a half and got the chance to go out to shoot some. It’s the very end of winter and in really early stage of spring. The snow is gone, but it’s not very green outside yet. Well, even though it wasn’t green outside, at least it was really sunny. The sky was blue and I got a few photos. Here they are, along with the photo on top.


This coming weekend, I hope to get out on a long photowalk. I need to test it out more, and soon! I’ve already planned where to go. Hopefully you will be able to see some more photographes taken with my new camera soon!


I think pictures

I stole the title of  this blog post from a flickr friends blog. But it fits me so very well. I really think pictures. Where ever I go, I look for things to photograph. Not even on purpose every time. I do it without thinking. When I see something worth framing in pixels, I make a mental note of it, or write it down in my notebook if it’s in my bag. Later I return to photograph it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

On my way home from work today, I had to hop of the buss a few stops before I normally do. I had seen a tree in full bloom earlier this week. It looked gorgeous and I knew I had to stop and photograph it. I had also seen the roof of some buildings that I thought would be great to photograph. The tree was as beautiful as it looked from the bus. The roof toops photo I had in mind, didn’t work out.

In my notebook I still have one more place I need to go to photograph. That is also a  place seen when I’ve been travelling in Oslo by buss. It’s been on my list for months now. Still haven’t found time to go there. Soon, very soon!

A flickr friend just bought a new camera, a Canon 7D. When I found out, I instantly got a little bit  jelous and a thought popped up in my mind: should I buy a new camera? I had to check out the spesifications for the 7D. On Canon’s site I found  the spesification. In addition I checked out the best Norwegian online store that sells photo equipments, to see the price. Reading about the camera, they said something that instantly got me hooked. The camera witch is made based upon feedback from 5000 photographers. That must be a good base for making a new camera.

The camera I have now, I’ve had since the end of 2006. That’s 4 years and 4 months. It’s nothing wrong with my camera. It works fine. But seeing / hearing about other great cameras, lit a spark inside me. I could have something better than I have now. A faster camera with higher ISO, HD filming, 19 AF pointgs etc. It all sounds great. The price is high, but not unafordable. The body costs 11995 NOK (ca. 1510 euro). I could buy it with the tax refund I’m getting in June. But that would leave me with no new couch, which was on the top my my list.

Do I really need a new camera? The one I got still works fine. It takes lovely photos and I’m very satisfied with it. If I need one is not the only thing I have to take into concideration. The fact that I also want other types of camera as well, must not be forgotten. For ages now, I’ve really wanted a Polaroid camera; one of the old ones with instant film. I would also like to get a Diana; it looks like a fun camera to use. Other equipments are on my wishlist as well; a fisheye lens and a photo printer.

As you can see, I want a lot! Now I just have to decide what to prioritize what to spend money on. I think I’m gonna browse online market places for old cameras!

Looking at my flickr account, trying to find out when I got my DSLR camera, I had a look at my old photos. Looking at them, I must say (without sounding very cocky or high on myself) I have grown as a photographer. I don’t say I’m fantastic, only that I’m better than I once was. It’s fun to see the growth. If I grow as much as I have done the last four years, the four next, then things will be sweet.

To end this post, here are some photos of (blooming) trees /plants. Spring is definitely here.