I love Polas

050114- 182I was very lucky to get a Polaroid One Step Flash camera for Christmas. It has been on my wishlist for a few years, but I didn’t think I would get one. The camera is bought from the Impossible Project.

I have never used a Polaroid camera before, so I was very excited to test it. There is something magical about the whole thing. You click and then the sweetest sound comes from the camera–whirrrr! Seconds later the photo is out, and you quickly hide it in a book or some other dark place.  What do you do next? You wait. Oh the wait. You want so badly to see the result instantly, but you can’t–it takes between 30-45 minutes for the photo to develop.  45 minutes later you peek at the photo and hopefully squeal a bit because you’re satisfied with the photo. It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, because this is a pola, it’s old fashioned  and a few flaws has its charm.

This camera is really simple. You can adjust the exposure and that’s about it. You turn it on, adjust the exposure and click!

With my camera came two package of film. Each package contains 8 frames (the first package I’ve opened actually contained 10 frames!). The film is quite expensive. That makes you think really hard about what you want to shoot–it has to be something really special. You don’t want to waste frames on dull things.

050114- 189dip 050114- 208dip 050114- 169dip

I took two test-shots at home. Without really knowing what to shot–it was dark outside and I desperately wanted to test it, so I shot a book about Springsteen I’m reading at the  moment and a photo of Springsteen from an old calendar.

Today I went out to try find something more interesting to shoot. The weather was lovely right when I stood up, but when I was ready to go the clouds had rolled in from the fjord and it didn’t take long before it started to drizzle–it wasn’t snow (that would’ve been awesome), but rain. Thankfully it didn’t rain too much and got a few lovely shots by the fjord. I love water and the open sea, so I had to shoot by the fjord.

I don’t have a scanner yet, so I had to photograph my polas to show them here. My next purchase has to be a scanner! The colors of the photos are pretty close to the actual polas.

Oh, I just love the polaroid I got. It’s friggen awesome. I had to call my mum twice to tell her how happy I was about the camera dad and she gave me. I’m not sure what to do with the polas yet, but I think I will display some of them on my fridge.

050114- 161dip 050114- 164dip 050114- 151dip 050114- 153dip

So what do you think? Do you love polas as much as I do? What do you think of my first atempts of handling the camera?




221213- 004sI went home to my parents house today–to do some christmas preparations, like baking and going out to find a Christmas tree. On my way home I took some photos. There wasn’t much time to photograph, so I only got to photograph the train stations I visited. I’m not complaining, because photographing train stations are fun.

Enjoy one of the last posts of 2013.

221213- 021s 221213- 034 dip 221213- 015s 221213- 036 dip 221213- 030s 221213- 043s 221213- 052s 221213- 063s


011213- 356sWhen I was out shooting bikes almost two weeks ago, I also captured other subejcts. There is no red thread to connect these photos–just various of motifs/scenes I found interesting enough to capture with my camera.

I really hope I’ll be able to go out on a phototrip again soon. I’ve missed it so much, and it’s so much fun. Seeing something gorgeous and then capturing with my camera, is such a great feeling.

011213- 487s 011213- 377s 011213- 372s 011213- 370s 011213- 517s 011213- 505s 011213- 442s 011213- 436s 011213- 458s 011213- 460s 011213- 433s 011213- 464s

Making sauerkraut

290913- 284sAt the lunchtable at the office earlier this year we talked about homemade things. Among things we talked about, making sauerkraut came up. I love making things from scratch and after that lunch, I knew I had to try making sauerkraut myself. I don’t eat it myself, but that doesn’t matter–I still love make it.

Making sauerkraut is very easy and somthing anyone with a kitchen can do. I searched for a recipe online and I found several. In the end I ended up with the one below.

To make sauerkraut, you’ll need the following:

  • 750 grams of  cabbage
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of caraway (you can add more of you like)
  • 2,5 dl of water
  • 2 teaspoons of vinegar (7%) (you can add more if you like)
  • 2 teaspoon of sugar

How to make it:

  1. Finely cut 750 grams of cabbage into thin pieces.
  2. Pour the water in a casserole and let it boil. Turn down the heat.
  3. Fill the casserole with cabbage in layers with caraway and salt between the layers.
  4. Make it zimmer for 45 minutes. Stirr in the casserole every 5-10 minutes.
  5. Add the vinager and sugar.
  6. Let it zimmer some more so all the cabbage will be infused with the vinegar and sugar.

You can add more caraway and vinegar if you want–it depends on how tastefull you want the sauerkraut.

We eat sauerkraut on Christmas Eve. My plan is to make some home made sauerkraut for this Christmas. It’s always fun to have things made from scratch on the table, in stead of something fabricated.

I don’t do anything without documenting it with pictures. Here are a few I took while making the sauerkraut.

290913- 278s 290913- 264s 290913- 274s dip 290913- 292s

And then… there were more bikes

011213- 453sHere are part two of the bikes I shot on sunday. I found lots of beautiful old bikes. People are speding lots of money on new and fancy bikes, but apparently there are quite some people that loves the old ones as well. I like that. The old ones has way more charactere and they areway prettier than the new ones. Don’t you agree?

011213- 392s 011213- 495s 011213- 413s 011213- 403s 011213- 405s 011213- 396s 011213- 485s 011213- 491s dippy

Wishlist for Christmas


December is here and Christmas is around the corner. I’ve had people asking me what I want for Christmas. This year it has been a bit difficult to come up with things to put on my wishlist. I do have lots of stuff, and there is just so much one need. My closet is full of clothes and my kitchen cabinets is filled and I got most things I need to operate the kitchen. I got lots of books I haven’t read, so I don’t really need any new ones at the moment (have still put a few titles up on the list though). When I listen to music, I use Spotify–I haven’t bought a CD in ages.

There is one area though, where I don’t think I’ll ever get enough–in the photography department. Here I have collected some things that I really want, and has  put on my wishlist:

  1. Polaroid camera: I’ve wanted one for ages. I love polaroids! I’ve never used one myself, but it seems so much fun.
  2. Diana F+: that camera takes lovely photographs. I haven’t used a analogue camera in ages, and doing that again seems fun.
  3. Holga 120 CNF: Lovely toy-camera. Holga cameras can make awesome photographs.
  4. Polaroid filter: I want one that can reduce reflections in windows etc, and enchance the color in the photo
  5. Spare battery for my camera. Would be great to always have a fully loaded battery.
  6. Sigma tele zoom: I need a tele zoom. I have a 18-125 mm, but that’s not good enough. A 70-300 would be great!

Let’s hope I’ve been good this year, and Santa will give me at least one of these things. If not, I might buy one of these things myself some time the  next year.

What’s on your wishlist for Christmas?

I’m back…. with more bikes

It’s been ages since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy the two last months and I haven’t been very inspired to pick up my camera. Lately though, I’ve been missing working with my camera–aim, focus and shoot all those beautiful/interesting  things around me.

The sun was shining today–it was a perfect day to go out photographing. The wind was strong and it was a bit chilly, but that didn’t stop me. I hopped on the tram, not knowing where to go. After 15 minutes on the tram, I hopped off, thinking it would be a nice place to find things to photograph. It didn’t take long before I knew that bikes, yet another time, would be one of my main subjects.

Here is some of the bikes I photographed.

011213- 014s 011213- 016s 011213- 340s 011213- 342s 011213- 344s 011213- 345s 011213- 352s 011213- 364sI’ll post more bikes another day.

Magical Stockholm

290713- 115sStockholm, oh Stockholm. I just love that city. I instantly fell in love with it the first time I visited it 6 years ago. Only this year I got to visit it again, not a day too soon. Stockholm isn’t as small and cosy as say Gothenburg and not so down-to-earth. Gothenburg is where the averge Swede lives. I feel like lots of the people in Stockholm is a bit above the average. Stockholm is a city I would take weekendtrips to, but Gothenburg is a city I could see myself live in.  I don’t mean anything negative about this, because I love Stockholm so much. There is something magical about Stockholm. Something that is hard to explain what actually is. It just feels so close to my heart.

In the end of July I went to Stockholm with my dear friend Linda and a bunch of other people. We were going to see Gylne Tider (Per Gessle from Roxette’s other band). Most people stayed in cabins outside Stockholm, but Linda and I wanted to spend all our time in the city. We came for the concert of course, but we also came for the shopping, the restaurants and everything that Stockholm has to offer.

Last time I was in Stockholm, I stayed for five days and did all the touristy things you can do in Stockholm (visit the Old Town, go to several museums, visit the tivoly Grøna Lund, take a boat trip in Djurgården, visit Skansen and its aquariums and lots more). This time we only where in town for a few days, coming friday morning and leaving sunday evening. Most of our time were spend the Old Town, which is very beautiful!

There wasn’t much time to pay too much attention into photographing, but I did get some photos taken. Here is some bits and bobs from Stockholm.

290713- 011s 290713- 022s 290713- 094s 290713- 068s 290713- 037s 290713- 054s 290713-137dippy 290713- 013s 290713-082dippy 290713- 120s 290713- 047s 290713- 048s 290713- 044s 290713- 033s 290713- 109s 290713- 110s

Sleeveface photos


I’ve been a fan of sleeveface photos for a long time. I especially love it when you use LP’s. Four years ago I made my first one. When Springsteen turned  I  used the sleeve of the album ‘the River’ to make a sleeveface photo – to honor him and his birthday. Not long after I decided to make more and hang them up in my bedroom. I had four photos up over my bed and I felt it was time to change them.

I have a few LP’s and two of them was suitable to use. You need a huge face on the LP to make it work. No all LP’s has that and if they do, it’s not certain it is the right face. I don’t want a random musician up on the wall, it has to be someone I have some sort of connection to – like Bruce Springsteen. Finding suitable LP’s is hard. I’m lucky to have a quite huge LP store downtown I can browse. I did spend a lot of time to find that last LP I needed, so I would have for photos up on the wall.

Since I removed a huge photo (poster) from one of my walls in the bedroom, it was space for one more sleeveface shot. For a while I’ve been thinking of what kind sleeve I would use. Last weekend I went to the LP store and browsed it without finding anything I liked. When I got home I suddenly knew what to use! One of my favorite swedish musician, Ulf Lundell, has an album cover with a huge face of himself. I had forgotten until it just popped up in my head. Mum is also a fan of Ulf Lundell, actually a bigger fan than I am, so I got to borrow her LP.

Today I took the sleevephoto with portrait of Mr. Lundell. It’s not easy to make everything match. You want the line of the clothing to match exactly. Well, everything should match or else the photo won’t be any good. Now if you don’t have anyone to assist you, it’s very tricky to make it right with just a remote control and a tripod. I’m glad I shoot digital, because I needed 147 shots to get things right!

So the next photo is the latest contribution to the sleeveface photo collection. Three old sleeveface photos follows.

280913- 147 bobdylan sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsen2 sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsenDo you have a sleeveface photo to show me? Post a link in the comments section!

If you’re not tired of sleeveface photos, go to sleeveface.com to see more. If you want to know how to sleeveface, here’s a tutorial video ;)

Happy brithday, Bruce! A compilations of ten great songs

Yesterday Bruce Springsteen turned 64 years old. For those who knows me, know that Springsteen is my favourite musician ever. He is really up there alone, being awesome and amazing! (You can read about my fascination here. I wrote a blog piece about it years ago.)

To honor him on his birthday, I wanted to make a compilations of his ten best best songs.  Making a compilation meant searching on Youtube for songs / videos which make me listen to a lot of great Springsteen song / see lots of great videos. That was also a reason for making a compilation.

So, what is his ten best songs? That’s almost impossible to say. He has so many great songs and which I like depends on my mood or what situation I’m in. You can’t really say that for instance Born to Run is better than Badlands or vica verca. They are equally good.

Well, I’m not ending up with a list of his ten best songs, but then awesome song that might be his best at some point.

Drive All Night (from the River)

Tougher Than The Rest (from Tunnel of Love)

Thunder Road (from Born to Run)

Badlands (from Darkness on the Edge of Town)

Downbound Train (from Born In the USA)

Born to Run (from Born to Run)

Jungleland (from Born to Run)

the River (from the River)

Atlantic City (Nebraska)

Racing in the Street (Darkness on the Edge of Town)